Parenting Tips

How does humor help ease family tensions?

When you inject humor into the home it can remove a mountain of relational tension. You can buy our entire … Read more

How do emotions impact parental leadership?

Emotions always cloud our ability to reason and develop effective strategies for leadership in the home. You can buy our … Read more

How can I maintain an open heart towards my child despite challenges?

Don’t listen to the menacing voice that sometimes whispers to our core, “Close your heart. They don’t deserve your love. … Read more

How can I maintain purpose and planning in parenting?

Ask yourself, “What is my responsibility and objective?” Have a purpose and a plan when parenting. You can buy our … Read more

How do I encourage my child’s unique skills and interests?

Don’t assume that your kids hate to do things that you hate to do. Allow your kids to show some … Read more

How does the amount of time spent with kids reflect their perceived value?

Over possessive and over permissive parents build insecurity into the lives of their children. You can buy our entire Parenting … Read more

What do my children value most from me?

Your time is all that children really want. You can buy our entire Parenting Tips Collection! —¬†Imagine the impact of … Read more

How can adversity strengthen family bonds?

Adversity is your opportunity to deepen your commitment and connection to loved ones. ¬† DID YOU KNOW?You can buy our … Read more

How can showing initiative and integrity influence my child?

Demonstrating initiative and integrity in your actions teaches your child the value of hard work and ethical behavior, setting a … Read more

What’s the right way to give gifts to my teen?

Gifts should be given in an effort to communicate love, not buy it. Give things that connect to your teen’s … Read more